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Dolbadarn Castle - Llanberis


Dolbadarn Castle - Llanberis

The Round Tower was the crowning glory of Llywelyn ab iorwerth's castle.

As supreme leader of the Welsh he could afford to build castles in stone. Building began in the 1220s .A wall following the shape of the rocky hill was constructed to surround the buildings inside. All built in dry stone.

This Round Tower was Llywelyn's final luxurious addition of about 1230.This time in fine dressed stone solidly mortared together. 


Accommodation fit for a Prince or a prisoner.

Llywelyn ab lorwerth died in 1240 and under Welsh law all his heirs had a claim to become his successor. A struggle began with no clear winner until 1255.

Llywelyn's grandson, Llywelyn ap Grufudd finally defeated his brothers in battle to become Prince of Gwynedd. But the brothers still posed a threat. One solution was to imprison them.

That's what Llywelyn ap Grufudd did to his elder brother, Owain Goch. He was imprisoned for twenty-two years. Historians believe he was held here because the 13th century poet Hywel Foel ap Griffri described Owain as 'a man in a tower, long a guest'. 



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