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Barclodiad y Gawres Burial Chamber


Barclodiad y Gawres Neolithic chambered Cairn C.2500 BC

The mound covers a cruciform shaped inner chamber, use for the burial of the dead, and approached by a covered passage. Three of the stones at the junction of the passage and chamber, and two at the back of the side chambers, bear original decorations. 

Take a short stroll along the coastal path and you will discover a mysterious prehistoric tomb on a cliff top looking out across the Irish Sea. Legend has it that this mound was carried here in the apron of a giantess. 

The true story is even more remarkable. Five thousand years ago New Stone Age (Neolithic) travellers used their knowledge of the movements of the sun and stars to navigate their way across the sea. 

They brought with them ideas from the Boyne Valley in Ireland, the west coast of Portugal and Spain, the Orkney Islands, and Brittany. 

The people from these far-flung places were united by a shared tradition of rock art and tomb building. 

The burial chamber beneath the large mound of turf and earth was reached by a long stone-lined passage. 

You can enter the tomb and enjoy an ancient display of European art. 



Ty Croes LL63 5TE