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Trefignath Burial Chamber - Siambr Gladdu Trefignath


Trefignath Burial Chamber - Siambr Gladdu Trefignath

This monument was erected in the Neolithic Age (4000-2000 BC) for the communal burial of the dead.

The tall stones mark the entrance.

Originally the entire structure was covered by a mound of stones.


Once upon a time this rocky outcrop was a place of the living, but 5500 years ago it was given over to the dead.

During the next thousand years two more tombs were added.The mound covering them grew and turned to embrace the morning sun.

Neolithic pottery and flint tools found underneath these structure show that Anglesey's first farmers occupied this spot before they up the first of these monumental tombs.

First Tomb: This is the original chamber. Its enormous stones would have been covered with a mound of earth, supported by a low stone wall.The entrance faces northward, towards you.

Second Tomb: Its entrance faces eastward, to the left.The design is similar to other tombs found in southern Britain.The mound was extended to cover both tombs and had two wings stretching out like arms toward the sun as if to gather up its rays and direct them toward the tomb's door.

Third Tomb: Again it extended the structure eastward. It also had wings, although not as open as before.The way the living honoured those in the afterlife was slowly evolving. After 1250 years the tomb was abandoned, and the spiritual beliefs of those inside forgotten along with their communities. All that remains is the skeleton of the structure intended to be their home for eternity.