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Dolwyddelan Castle


Llywelyn ab lorwerth, Prince of Gwynedd, was born here around the year 1172. The exact location is unknown but it may have been in the tower of Tomen Castel!, which stood on the tree-covered mound you can see on the other side of the road. 

He returned to build the stone castle towering above you in the 1220s. By then most of Wales acknowledged him as their Prince. 


From the age of twelve he was already forging his destiny in battle. He grew up to be fiercely ambitious but also a skilful diplomat. He rose to lead his family, form alliances with other Welsh lords and marry into the English royal family. 


The Treaty of Worcester with King Henry III in 1218 acknowledged him as undisputed Welsh leader, ushering in more than 20 years of relative stability. 


Walk up to Dolwyddelan Castle to best appreciate Llywelyn's homeland. 


North Wales
Dolwyddelan, Castle