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Din Lligwy Roman Settlement Site



This is a well-preserved example of the type of defended settlement built by the native population of Anglesey during the latter part of the Roman occupation of Wale's'. It consists of round and rectangular huts, probably not all put up at the same time, enclosed within a polygonal defensive wall. The principal period of occupation was during the 4th century AD. 

You are looking at the remains of a small farmstead occupied by local British farmers 'during the Roman occupation of Anglesey. 

Excavations at sites like this tell us about the lives of local people during the Roman occupation. They continued:to live in traditional 

round houses, but built 'Roman-style' rectangular buildings as stores and workshops. Remains of a hearth and iron-working suggest that the people who lived here were craftsmen, whilst finds of Roman pottery and coins suggest they were trading with the invaders. This farmstead is surrounded by a small wall - the word Din means 'defensive enclosure' but its doubtful whether it could have withstood any concentrated attack. Although the site is sheltered today by trees there would once have been panoramic views across the bay.



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