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Dolgoch Falls


The stunning Dolgoch waterfalls is situated at the side of Talyllyn Railway, with the footpath going under the rail bridge. Upon arriving we found parking was easy with a good size car park with some kind of tea room / cafe (we didn't go in), you'll need £2.00 for the car park, toilets was a little portable toilet situated at the side of car park.

The walk to the waterfall starts at the right side of the tea rooms and through a gate, head under the rail bridge you'll come to a small bridge crossing the river, We didn't see a map and wasn't sure if to cross or not, didn't cross and stuck to the main path, it goes in a circle and end up crossing the bridge in the end to finish the walk. 

We come to the waterfall in 5 min, just a short walk, was well worth the drive, some kind of cave at the side, was to muddy to go in. We carried on following the path up the river, such a stunning place, you come to other little falls at the top and crosses over a small bridge to the other side then starts going back down hill on the other side and finally crossing the first bridge. Was a very short but nice walk, didn't hardly break a sweat. 


Mid Wales